Why Solar Power is the Future

Solar energy could be one of the first renewable sources utilised since ancient times. People who lived from the 7th century BC used a magnifying glass to bounce off heat from the sun and focus it to light the torches for rituals, heating water reservoirs, and for daily chores such as cooking.

Through time, the use of solar energy is continuously being modernised and offers great convenience through solar panels. Instead of the old-style use of reflecting mirrors to produce heat, the solar panels like the ones containing photovoltaic (PV) cells, are installed in strategic positions and are fixed on the roof of the house or building. The panels absorb the sun’s rays and generate electricity or heat for consumption.

These heat or renewable energy that solar panels generate can greatly reduce pollution and environmental degradation in our cities where buildings and housings are mainly concentrated.

Here are some reasons why we should start the solar energy revolution now, especially in our cities:

1. Solar energy helps to conserve fossil fuels.

The sun will definitely stay longer than any of the planets in the solar system for about 5 billion years more. Hence, we can safely expect that the supply of energy coming from it is unlimited, unlike the fossil fuels that are used up faster by most of the energy companies to distribute electricity to its consumers.

2. Solar energy reduces gas and carbon dioxide emissions.

Since there is no need for fossil fuels to be burned in exchange for electricity, solar energy contributes greatly to decreasing the amount of nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide being emitted to the atmosphere, thus it also improves the air quality of the environment.

3. Solar energy is noise-free.

Generators of electrical energy are known for creating noise during operation. With solar energy, panels and the moving parts are designed not to create any type of irritating noise especially in normal conditions.

4. Solar energy is compatible with other energy sources.

We must know that we cannot depend on solar panels all the time as we have to consider the weather condition as well. On the positive side, most of our activities are done during the daytime and in scorching periods when the energy supply from the solar panel is abundant. Even if photovoltaic energy has its limitation in terms of minimal availability in certain conditions like rainy seasons, it allows double installation so that the traditional source of energy can be utilised when necessary.

5. Solar energy uses less water.

There is a great difference in the amount of water used in creating energy between the solar and conservative type. Considerable amount of water is used for the cooling of coal and natural gas facilities. For solar panels, on the other hand, there is less water usage thus it poses no threat to local water resources.

Solar energy has a lot to offer when it comes to developing a sustainable city. The optimistic results of choosing solar energy may not happen overnight, but it will definitely contribute to saving the planet and make our cities greener.

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